Facebook New Ad Visibility for Small Business

Over the past few years, Facebook has introduced and expanded New Ad Visibility for Small Business, including Instant Articles and in-stream video (which includes ads in Watch). These placements are connected to a specific piece of content, so advertisers can better control where their ads appear. Are you using Facebook advertising? Read on to learn more.

Facebook Advertising ControlsAdvertising on Facebook

These controls include block lists to remove specific publishers and apps from ad delivery, and the ability to exclude brand-sensitive content categories from ads across Facebook in-stream videos, Instant Articles and Audience Network. In addition, their Monetization Eligibility Standards provide clear standards for publishers and creators whose content are eligible for ads.

They’re sharing additional features that are now available across Facebook in-stream videos, Instant Articles and Audience Network to give all advertisers more control.

Publisher lists

Last fall, they began sharing a full list of publishers monetizing their sites and apps on Audience Network so advertisers could review and determine if there were any sites and apps they did not want their ads appearing on. They have now extended this publisher-level transparency to include Instant Articles and Facebook in-stream videos, so all advertisers can now see a list of where their ads might be delivered prior to starting a campaign.

As new publishers are added, advertisers can review and update their block lists as needed. More details on publisher lists can be found in our Help Center.

Publisher delivery reports

Advertisers can now also view a complete list of the publisher sites and apps where their ads appeared by downloading the Facebook in-stream, Instant Articles and Audience Network publisher delivery reports. This report gives advertisers the ability to see where their ads ran across our contextual placements, decide whether those publishers align with their brand safety expectations, and then update their block lists with publishers or content categories they do not want their ads delivered to in the future.

Facebook says they know how important brand safety is to advertisers on their platforms, and they’ll continue to build more capabilities to offer choice and control over their campaigns.

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