Why and How to Use Instagram Stories for Business Accounts

Looking for ways to market your business with Instagram? Learn Why and How to Use Instagram Stories for Business Accounts! Or contact the experts at ENews Networks for help today.

Why Use Instagram Stories?

1. Get more visibility

Instagram StoriesInstagram stories appear at the top of your followers’ news feeds

2. Auto play

Your Instagram story will also play directly after the one preceding it. If someone watches their friends’ story, yours will automatically play next.

3. Notifications

If your followers have their notifications turned on, they’ll be alerted that you have posted a new story, especially if you broadcast live!

4. Profile highlight

If you recently created a story, your profile photo gets highlighted with a circle, letting people know you have recently been active.

5. Build popularity

If your story is popular, you have the chance to be featured in Instagram’s Search & Explore tab.

6. Create ads

Your story indicator shows when you create ads linked to your Instagram account.

Looking for more tips?

Wanting some additional tips on the best ways to create Instagram Stories and configure your settings? Visit Instagram for Business. Or contact the social media team at ENews Networks for help getting started!

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