Using YouTube for Advertising

Are you Using YouTube for Advertising? Learn how to use YouTube to attract new audiences. The key is an engaged audience. Look for channels that have high traffic, far reach and a unique, targeted demographic. When you're ready to turn ads on, you'll want to know how viewers, creators and advertisers work together to ensure that everyone benefits.

The Players

Viewers typically come to YouTube to be entertained, learn, and join an interactive community. Viewers are required for making you money! Creators come to YouTube to share, make money, and entertain. Advertisers look at YouTube as way to reach targeted audiences.

Ad Formats

Display ads show up next to your video, but offer lower pay than TrueView ads. They appear only on desktop and laptop computers. You get paid when a viewer sees the ad or clicks on the ad. Overlay ads work the same way, but appear on the bottom of a video, rather than next to the video.
TrueView ads are the most common. Ads can be inserted before, during or after a video. Viewers can skip the ad after 5 seconds. If a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the video, you get paid. A slightly different form of this ad is a non-skippable video, where viewers much watch the entire 15+ second ad. Midroll ads are displayed within the video, like a TV commercial. Viewers must watch the ad before continuing their video, but only on desktop and laptop computers.

How to Get Started

You can even customize who sees your ads by identifying your audience and connecting to viewers through your content. There are many nuances to follow when setting up your YouTube advertisement, including targeting your ad insertions, focusing the content of your messaging, identifying your budget to reach your target audiences, and selecting your display options. Contact the experts at ENews Networks for helping getting setup today!