Top Website Navigation Trends for 2017

At ENews Networks, we’ve seen a lot of growth and changes in web design in the past year. Here at the Top Website Navigation Trends we’re seeing for 2017.

Website Navigation trends1. Fixed scrolling navigation bars 

Help users get from point A to all others points on a website. A fixed menu (called a sticky menu) stays in place even when users scroll to the bottom of a website, which allows users to navigation throughout the site from any place on the page, and increases time visitors spend on your website. This is extra handy for mobile users, who don’t have to do as much swiping and scrolling. Note: the nav bar should be skinny, and not take up a large portion of the page.

2. Mega menus

Differs from normal dropdowns because they don’t flow down vertically, they expand horizontally, usually with multiple columns, which makes it easier for visitors to more easily navigate through large amounts of content. Note: this works best if you have lots of content, but should be used sparingly.

3. Universal navigation 

Connect multiple brands together by drawing pages together, driving visitors across your entire network and cross-pollinating audiences.

4. Vertical sliding navigation

Usually used for portfolio or creative agencies, this trend uses a vertical menu instead of a horizontal menu. The menu stays fixed on all page locations, and slides from the side. Note: this non-traditional approach works best for fullscreen layouts.

5. Globally hidden menus

Hiding navigation behind hamburger icons even on desktop monitors, which clears up space on the screen by removing navigation from the site. Note: This trend may work best as people move toward mobile viewing and tech-savvy audiences.

6. Responsive subnav menus

Require a hamburger nav with toggle icons for submenus. This works best for mobile and small browser screens, allowing viewers to navigation your whole website, regardless of their device.

7. Top stories carousels

Popular for high-volume websites, allowing viewers a chance to see new content at the top of the page. Best for websites with a lot of content.

8. Table of contents 

Offer lengthy guides to your website but can muddy the reading experience. This can improve your user experience and rankings.

9. All-caps corner links

Signature style for clean, professional looking navigation.

10. Single page dot navigation 

Circular icons located on the left and right of the screen, similar to the subtle navigation you see on sliders. Allows users to scroll up and down based on positions. Caution: most users are unlikely to know what these are and how to use them.

Website development moves fast, and new trends pop up every year. Contact the team at ENews Networks to analyze your website, and talk about room for improvement.
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