How does you web site look on a Smart Phone?

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According to the Pew Research Center, Smartphone ownership in the US is about to pass the 50% mark. Up from 35% last May, their research also revealed every major demographic group “experienced a notable uptick in smartphone penetration over the last year.” In particular smartphone ownership has crossed the 60% mark for:
  • College graduates
  • 18-35 year olds
  • Individuals earning $75,000+ a year
Add to this the estimated 25% of Americans who also own and use tablets and iPads and chances are extremely high someone is going to be looking at your webs site (a.k.a. your 24/7 unpaid salesperson) on something other than a traditional web browser. So how does your site look on a Smartphone? Have you tested it on Android, Apple iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy? How about Palm Pre, HTC Evo, or BlackBerry Storm? While it’s relatively easy to check how your site looks on different browsers, testing your site against the dozens of cell phones and tablets on the market is a daunting task. Luckily for us… The brilliant developers at Opera have created an easy-to-use FREE tool called the Opera Mobile Emulator which will do just that! Although it doesn’t have every phone on the planet, it has enough to do some serious testing. Simply download the emulator, choose the devise you want to test, click launch to open the mobile browser on your desktop, then type in the website URL to get a peek at how that site might look like on a actual mobile phone. Pretty cool, huh? If you find your site doesn't look that great or you don't know how it looks and need some help. Let me know and I can help tweak it to be mobile ready!