301, 2017

Guide to Connecting to Customers on Social Media

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Guide to Connecting to Customers on Social Media
Want to increase your local visibility using social media? Find out how with this Guide to Connecting to Customers on Social Media.
1310, 2015

More People Get Their News From Facebook and Twitter

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More People Get Their News From Facebook and Twitter

A July 2015 study from Pew Research Center reveals that increasing numbers of Twitter and Facebook users visit the sites to get news. Of the over 2,000 study participants, 63% now depend on both channels for updates on national events and political issues, big leaps from 2013 numbers. Twitter, which was more news-oriented from the beginning, didn’t have as dramatic a leap: 52% to 63% during the two-year period. Those reporting they use Facebook for news, on the other hand, grew from 47% in 2013 to 63% in 2015, or 16%. While the opportunity to stay abreast of friends and family events gets users on Facebook initially, it’s news (sports, science, technology, business and entertainment) that keeps them there.

FB and Twitter News graph

As recently as 2013, approximately half of Americans used Facebook and Twitter to get their news. In just two years, that figure grew to close to two-thirds. As the chart below shows, Facebook’s user numbers didn’t budge from 2013 to 2014. Despite the inevitable slowdown, today 71% of Internet users have a Facebook account, and 70% of those go to the site daily. Forty-five percent go there several times a day. By following friends, brands, organizations and news outlets, Facebook (and Twitter) users have created their own customized newspapers. They seem to like their new handiwork.

Social media sites graph

Facebook’s growth has leveled off. Twitter’s leap in audience doesn’t make up for its smaller size and disappointing ROI.

While Twitter’s audience numbers made an impressive 28% leap from 2013 to 2014, the platform’s failure to gain the ubiquity of Facebook has disappointed many. Twitter remains hard at work creating a niche for live-tweeting events, television shows and sports, but it hasn’t shown much promise for the retailers who pay for ads.

Key takeaway: As Facebook and Twitter mature, their audience growth rates are leveling off. Younger audiences abandoned Facebook for Instagram, but baby boomers, Gen Xers and mature holdouts finally claimed their profiles. Brands should align their marketing content with current events to engage users.

408, 2015

Recovering your Stolen Bike

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Recently fallen victim to bike theft? Don't give up! Follow these tips on recovering your stolen bike.

1. File a police report.

First and foremost file a police report. Ask an officer to file a report, or go to the station with your information. You'll need your bike's serial number, make model, and pictures of your bike.

2. Register your bike

Register your stolen bike with Bike Index, and other local registries.

3. Check Craigslist

Check Craigslist for a listing matching your bike's description. Visit flea markets, or other places used bikes might end up. If you think you've found your bike, pass the information onto the police and let them follow up.

4. Online Alerts

Set up Google Alerts and EBay alerts with information mating your bike's description. If your bike turns up for sale online, you'll be alerted.

5. Spread the word!

Use your social networks to spread the news about your bike's disappearance. Post pictures of your bike on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to share it.

6. Insurance

Contact your insurance company to see if your bike was insured.

Good luck!

1806, 2015

Twitter Cards

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Have you ever heard of Twitter cards? They're cards that allow you to attach photos, videos and media to Tweets. Why would you want one? These few lines of code display your content in a more engaging way, drive additional traffic to your website, and create engagement. Read about the 8 types of cards and which one might be best for your business.

1. Summary Card

This card includes a title, description, thumbnail and Twitter account attribution. Great for the business with a blog or information page.

2. Summary Card with Image

Choose the Summary Card with Image if you want to feature images larger than the standard square thumbnail.

3. App Card

This card details a mobile app with direct download and is right for the business that has or sells apps.

4. Player Card

This card provides video, audio and media. Tweet every piece of media you create!

5. Photo Card or Gallery Card

If your business features art or photography, you'll want the Photo Card or Gallery Card, which embeds the photo above the original Tweet. The Gallery card features up to four images!

6. Product Card

Any business selling a product should install this card. It includes a title, description, thumbnail image and Twitter handle attribution for your product. You can even list details such as price, location and availability!

7. Lead Generation Card

Perfect for getting better leads on Twitter, this card allows users to click on a button to share their email address.

8. Website Card

Drive traffic to your homepage with the Website Card, which includes a call-to-action button encouraging viewers to click through to your site.

Want to learn more? Visit Twitter to learn more about getting started with Twitter Cards in 5 simple steps.

1506, 2015

Buy it on Pinterest

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Have you every looked at something on Pinterest and wanted to buy it? Your dream is coming true with a new "Buy it" button on Pinterest!

Pinterest is adding "buyable pins", allowing users make purchases directly from its mobile app. These buttons will appear on iPhone and iPad later this month. Purchases can be made with a credit card or Apple Pay. Retail partners include Macy's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Ethan Allen, Jo-Ann Fabric and other craft stores. Pinterest doesn't have plans to take a cut of the transactions, but will sell advertising to merchants who post buyable pins, allowing them to purchase "promoted pins" to users who fit a profile.

Even better news? Google has announced that it will be next, with Instragram, Facebook and Twitter still in the testing phases.

403, 2015

Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts

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This article shows you how to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that your Tweets and Retweets will automatically post to your Facebook wall.

To connect your Twitter account and your Facebook profile:

1.  Log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile. 2.  Go to your Settings menu's Apps tab. 3.  Click Connect to Facebook. 4.  If you are not already logged in to Facebook, then you will be prompted to enter your Facebook login information. Enter your information and click Log in to sign in to Facebook. 5.  You will then receive a prompt explaining that Twitter will receive certain information from your Facebook account. In order to continue, you must select “Okay.” 6.  You will then be prompted to select the privacy settings for who will see your Tweets and Retweets posted to your Facebook wall. It is set to friends by default. 7.  Click “Okay” to complete the process. Your Tweets and Retweets will now post to your profile Facebook wall and your username will be displayed there as well. @Replies will not be posted.

Note: To link your Facebook updates to Twitter, use this application on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twitter.

To connect your Twitter account to a Facebook page:

If you have a Facebook Fan Page, or are the admin of one, you can post Tweets and Retweets from your Twitter account to your Facebook Page.

1.  Follow the steps above to connect to your Facebook profile. 2.  If you have not already done so, visit your Apps settings and grant Twitter the “manage pages” permission for your Facebook profile. 3.  In your Apps settings, select the page you'd like to connect to. 4.  When prompted, click to allow permission to post to the selected Facebook page.

Privacy notes:

To control who sees your Tweets, Retweets and username, go to your Facebook Application settings and click Edit for the Twitter app to restrict who can see your Tweets and Retweets on your Facebook wall. Unless you have explicitly chosen to authorize Twitter for Facebook to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, your Tweets will not be cross-posted to Facebook, or displayed on Facebook your Twitter username, profile picture, or other profile information. When you choose to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, the Facebook authentication dialog screen specifies the Facebook account information that you authorize sharing with Twitter.  This information allows Twitter to cross-post between Twitter and Facebook and may help improve your Twitter experience, for example, with better suggestions and content on Twitter.  If you disconnect your Facebook account from Twitter, the Facebook account information that you previously authorized will be deleted.  Please note that it may take up to a few weeks for this information to be fully removed from the system.

If your Tweets do not post:

Make sure the box to Post your Tweets to Facebook is checked in your Twitter Apps settings. Try disconnecting and reconnecting again.