3011, 2015

Creating Facebook Ads with Emails

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Are you looking for creative ways to advertise to your customers? Try creating Facebook ads with emails. Here's how to get started:

Facebook ads1. Target your email subscribers with ads

Upload your entire email list right into Facebook as an audience. Use this for a big event or sale, something that they'll want to like, share and comment on. Make sure the message is applicable to the whole group, and design your ad with a similar look and feel to your emails. (Amazon uses this tactic for their Deal of the Day).

2. Divide your email list

Divide your email list into those who have opened your emails, and those who have not. Then divide those that opened your email into those that took action, and those that did not. You'll want to target those that both opened your email and took action. Create an ad that looks similar to the email they opened, but contains a new message and urgency to act (for example, tailor your 20% off sale on parts to include parts and accessories). For those that did not open your email, wait a few days, then target this group for an ad. You can use the same message as the email, since they haven't read it.

3. Upsell purchases

Take a page from Amazon's book, by using Facebook carousel ads to highlight new products that might work for previous customers. (For example, your customer bought a new kid's bike, so you can promote a children's helmet or bell.) Consider segmenting your customers by type of products, purchase amount, purchase date, and/or frequency of purchase. Then create ads for each audience segment.

4. Outreach

We all have a list of people who haven't opened our emails in a while. It's more cost effective to keep your customers than it is to engage new customers. Re-engage your audience with a good Facebook ad. Offer them an exclusive deal, promo code or extended trial. Target this group every 2-3 months.

Looking for help? Contact us to combine your email marketing into a Facebook advertising strategy today!

2904, 2015

Lookalike Audiences

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Try identifying new leads by taking your best customers and targeting ads to others who share similar traits or behaviors with them. You can do this on Facebook by creating Lookalike Audiences. Follow these simple steps.

1. Get started

To begin, you'll need a customer group to base your Lookalike Audience on. Use either:
  • The fans of your Facebook Page
  • A Custom Audience
  • A Facebook pixel. You can use either a conversion pixel or a Website Custom Audience.
Then, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Audiences tab in your Ads Manager
  2. Select Create Audience
  3. Choose Lookalike Audience
  4. Select your customer group. Choose a Facebook Page, Custom Audience or conversion pixel.

2. Select audience size

Next, increase or decrease the size of your Lookalike Audience by using the slider.
  • Similarity: Start by optimizing your Lookalike Audience for Similarity, which will show your ads to a smaller, more precise audience. We'll find the top 1% of people on Facebook in your selected country who are most similar to your source audience.
  • Reach: Then, experiment with optimizing your audience size for Reach, which will show your ads to a larger audience. We'll find the top 10% of people on Facebook in your selected country who are most similar to your source audience.
Note: The minimum source audience size is 100 people, but we recommend setting it higher. The more people in your source audience, the more people we can find who look like them.

3. Create an ad

Your Lookalike Audience will be ready for use in ad targeting within 6-24 hours. You can check its status in the Availability column. Once it's listed as Ready:
  1. Go back to the Ads Manager and click the Audiences tab
  2. Find your lookalike audience and click Create Ad
  3. Select your ad objective in the ads create tool and set up your ad. It'll now be targeted to your Lookalike Audience.
You can further customize your ad by adding core Facebook targeting. For example, if you only want to reach people ages 24-54 living in Great Barrington, MA, choose the age and location options.