Everything You Wanted to Know about Email Sign up Forms

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Email sign up forms can help you grow your email list, but what exactly are they, and how do they work for your business? We’ll answer those questions now:

What’s an email sign up form?

An email sign up form is an embedded or hosted web form you can place or link to on your website, blog, or social media sites so that a visitor can sign up to receive a newsletter or email. Typically, it’s a small box that asks for few fields including an email address. They may also be referred to as email opt-in forms, web forms, webforms, or signup forms.

What’s the purpose of an email sign up form?

It’s a small, but a mighty tool used to collect permission-based email addresses. You may have noticed the emphasis on permission-based. That’s because when a visitor fills out a sign up form and asks to be added to an email list, they’re actively agreeing to be a part of your list and giving you permission to send them email. These contacts are priceless because they’ve specifically asked to hear from your business and are highly likely to open, read and click your messages. This results in more visits to your website, blog, brick and mortar location, and hopefully more sales.

Where should I put my email sign up form?

The more places you have sign up forms or links to them, the better. This includes all the pages of your website, blog, your business Facebook page and more. Here are some suggestions:
  • The top side bar of your website or blog (link and/or form)
  • In the top navigation bar (link and/or form)
  • The footer of your site (link and/or form)
  • A tab on your Facebook page (link and/or form)
  • At the end of every blog post (link)
  • On your “About Us” page (link and/or form)
  • All of your social sites (link)

What information should my email sign up form ask for?

Less is more when it comes to your form. Often, just an email address is all you need. However, if you want to personalize your emails or do any segmenting of your list, you may want to add a field for first name, state or other relevant information. In the case of a bike shop you could have them select the topics interest them or what they would like to hear more about, Road Biking, Moutain Biking, Women’s products etc. You could also add a birthday field so that you can have a trigger email go out to them on the day of that person’s birth date. All this can happen automatically.

How do I get an email sign up form?

Most email service providers (ESPs), like mail chip or constant contact offer either email sign up forms you can embed on your site or hosted web forms.. You can quickly and easily customize your email sign up form and then post it wherever you like. And, once you have it on your website and other places, each time someone fills it out, their email address will be automatically added to your email list (triggered email). If you have a email signup form you want to show us just post a link below! Christa