409, 2014

Empower Employees with EveryoneSocial

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Grow your Social with EveryoneSocialeveryonesocial image

Time to change how you think about employees and their phone When we owned a bicycle shop my husband and I were always so upset by our staff checking in on Facebook or texting their friends. But as time passes and I embrace social media I realized that if you can't beat them join them. Or even better encourage them. YEP empowering your staff with social media might just save you time and grow your business. Now this of course doesn't mean that I would be ok to see them on the phone and ignoring customers which is easy to do when the brain is concentrating on reading. You will need to communicate your expectations that the phone and social take 2nd to helping customers that come in the door.

My Favorite employee social tool

My favorite social media tool is EveryoneSocial. The app encourages businesses to engage employees as “social ambassadors,” making them key parts of the company’s social media strategy. The website empowers employees to find engaging content they can share with their followers on different social networks using EveryoneSocial’s powerful content discovery engine. Alternatively, EveryoneSocial can recommend articles and websites for employees to share, giving your company a very large voice that’s much more personal than a generic Facebook page or Twitter account. Imaging how powerful it would be if your staff as your brand ambassadors.Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller Giving them the outlet to do this could be just what your small business could benefit from. I like the a powerful analytics engine to track how much employees are sharing, as well as how well they’re driving clicks. The analytics even allow you to get employees competing against each other for the top sharing spot. And we all know how healthy a bit of competition can be. EveryoneSocial drives home an important thinking shift in social media. The future of social media is not just Facebook pages, Google+ pages or Twitter accounts. The future of social is in empowering individuals—including your employees—to share your products one with another and your customers. The more you promote and empower your employees and key staff some social media management, the stronger social media success you’ll have in the future. It is worth giving it a try.