How to get a workaholic to workout.

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Between my growing business, my husband, my almost 3 yr old, being an insomniac, household chores and cooking meals, regular exercise seem like an impossible tast. I do make a small effort though. I am admittedly a workaholic. When I do workout though I get reminded how good it feels and that even taking a short break from my heavy workload can refresh my brain. Here are some of the steps that have worked to get even me outside! If your counterpart is a workaholic and seems to have even less free time, convincing him to join you for a workout at the end of a 10- or 12-hour work day isn't easy. Armed with a solid strategy, however, you can employ tactics to convince your workaholic to make time for regular exercise.

Step 1  Remind him of the health benefits of regular activity. According to, exercise is a stress reliever and can reduce the burden of a heavy workload. It also helps control weight, reduce the risk depression, cancer, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and stroke, gives you more energy, improves your sex life and helps you sleep better at night.

Step 2 Schedule small bouts of exercise into your workaholics planner each day. Finding a block of 30 to 60 minutes can be hard, but three or four 10-minute workouts might be much easier to do. Try 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes during lunch and 10 minutes before dinner at home.

Step 3 Make the workouts a social activity. Invite family and friends over on the weekend for a volleyball game, basketball or swimming. For me it was having a play date with other kids Zach's age and I would play with them.

Step 4 Add variety into workouts to combat boredom. Find out what exercises or activities your workaholic likes the best and find local health clubs that offer these services. This could be using an indoor running track, lifting weights with dumbbells, a racquetball court or taking a kickboxing class.

Step 5 Reward your workaholic for staying active. Rewards should be tailored to his interests and can be good for spending quality time together. Try a 30-minute massage, buying him a new shirt, treating him to a date night at his favorite restaurant or taking over a household chore for a week.If you have a tip on getting a workaholic to stay or get fit we welcome your post below. Christa