27 05, 2015

Top 20 Loyalty Apps

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Keep your customers coming back with these top 20 loyalty apps. A great deal of work needs to be completed to attain the first round of customers. First, a business learns how to attract them. Then, a business converts the customers with the value of their product/services and closes the sales process through a final purchase. Finally, a business works on retaining purchasers and keeping them happy. To tell the truth: if clients are not [...]

22 10, 2014

Host a Face-to-Face Event for Better Online Engagement

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What I’m about to tell you may sound counter intuitive: you can use face-to-face events to build engagement in your online community. If you think about it, you realize the oversized role that online interactions play in our lives. When I wake up early in the morning, I grab a cup of coffee and  head straight to my computer. I check email first, then Twitter next. And that’s before I eat breakfast, work out, or head to work. [...]