803, 2016

Google Ads Change; What Does This Mean For You?

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Google Ads Change; What Does This Mean For You?

Google rolled out a huge change to the way AdWords are displayed. Ads are now removed from the right column of desktop search results and placed at the top and/or bottom of the page. Two exceptions to the change include Product Listing boxes, and ads in the Knowledge Panel. They're also adding a new fourth ad to the top.

What does this mean for you? Desktop searches now appear more similar to mobile searches. Most paid clicks are on top ads, so the right side change will likely be inconsequential for paid ads, but the addition of a fourth ad could be beneficial. The fourth ad appears to show organic results, which gives more room for ad extensions (read: show off more bikes and tell people more about your business!)

Why the change? You can expect that Google has tested this layout extensively. This also makes reporting a lot easier, which is a big bonus in gauging the success of your ad.

This does change the way SEO is organized, as paid position #4 is the old organic position #1. All the more reason to get started with AdWords right away.

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1409, 2015

Is Google AdWords right for you?

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Every business owner wants to reach new customers and grow their business. Google AdWords professes to do just that by allowing you to create and run ads for your business for display in Google's search results. Is Google AdWords right for you? Read on to find out.

1. Timing is everything

Your ad is displayed to people the moment they search for what you have to offer. People searching for your products and services are the most likely to take action. Choose where your ad appears, on which websites and in which areas, and enjoy instantaneous results. This should bring in a little bit of money right away, and give you the time to discover how effective your keywords are.

2. Control your budget

Imagine setting your own advertising budget. With cost-per-click advertising, you're only charged when someone clicks on your ad, not every time it appears. Google AdWords allows you to set a maximum cost per day or month, with a promise that you'll never go over budget.

3. Measure it!

See exactly what's working with your ad, and maximize it. View a report with data such as how many new customers are connecting, where they're coming from, what time of day gets the most hits, and even what type of browser they're using. Use this information to edit and improve your ad.

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