MailChimp Rolls out Facebook Ad Campaigns

Looking to reach new customers and engage with current ones? Use MailChimp to grow your audience by using the Facebook Ad Campaigns. Facebook Ads with MailChimp

Use MailChimp? Try the ad reporting and discover which ads generate the most new customers and revenue.

You’ve used MailChimp for your email marketing, your newsletters, and to make your company look for professional. Why not use it for your other marketing channels? Next to email, Facebook ads are the next most popular choice for small businesses looking to acquire customers and generate revenue. Use these ads to not only drive traffic to your store's website but also use these ads to promote products on facebook, increase fan page likes, build brand awareness and so much more.

What is it?

In just a few steps, you can create ads, set your targeting, and decide your budget. And if you’re already comfortable with MailChimp’s interface, you’ll feel right at home. Your customer data and product photos are already stored in MailChimp, so it’s the perfect place to kick off your next ad campaign for the greatest return on investment. And MailChimp doesn’t take a cut! If this is too complicated or you don't have time to manage your own marketing, we can help. We have several people on staff that can do these ads for you and manage them. We also can send you reporting so you know how each ad is doing. Reach 1000's of people a day online using these types of ads and grow your online marketing.

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