Instagram Videos for Small Businesses

Instagram just announced that it’s increasing video length up to 60 seconds. This means big news for advertisers, and regular users. How can your Small Business use Instagram Videos to help promote your brand?

Instagram videos

Capturing life in 60 second videos moves the company away from SnapChat shots and closer to YouTube lengths. Instagram videos were formerly limited to 15 seconds. Users time spent watching videos on the platform has increased 40 percent in the past six months. Videos are important to hook younger viewers and younger buyers.

What does this mean for you as an advertiser? First and foremost, you have more time to tell your story and give viewers a sneak peek on your items. You can also sell items on this platform! The new public view counts feature also lends credibility to your video, and urges viewers to watch popular videos with high counts. Bike shop tip: Have your owner walk through your shop and talk about a particular bike, highlighting its features and benefits. Post on your website as well as Instagram!

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