Google to Eliminate “Bad” Popups on Mobile

Wishing those annoying popups would go away when you're searching on mobile? Google agrees. Starting in 2017, Google will be punishing sites that have intrusive popups on mobile devices.

How will they punish sites? Pages were content is not easily accessible (read: annoying popups) will not rank as highly. We love it! But what does this mean for your business?

Guide to popup use:

Full screen popups and spam both count as bad popups, and will work against your ranking. Asking users to verify their age, accept cooke usage, or small bars or banner popups are ok. Reminder: this change only applies to mobile devices. The goal is remove spammers, not small business owners.

mobile popup

If you feel that your popups may border on "bad" popups, and aversely affect your rating, let the team at ENews Networks take a look. We can turn off your popups on mobile, or modify them to meet the new less-intrusive criteria. We can also help you target your popups with filters.