Facebook News Feed Changes?

In the biggest news since the Facebook News Feed was introduced, the social network is contemplating testing a revamp that would reorganize your feed. What do Facebook News Feed Changes mean for you? Read more to find out how you might be affected, and how the Team at ENews Networks can help.

About the new layout

FB News Feed Changes

Facebook is testing a new layout on mobile devices that section your news feed by highlighting multiple news sections. Highlights include World News, U.S. News, Sports, Food, Animals, and more. The primary section will remain the same. Highlighted sections will be accessible by tapping or swiping left or right. Then all news updates related to that topic appear. Users could also remove sections that they have no interest in.

About the launch

While Facebook has confirmed it's testing these News Feed changes, the launch date has remained unconfirmed.

What does this mean for you?

The good news is that this approach organizes information, and shows users the news they want to see. It would likely encourage users to get more news from Facebook, rather than alternative sources.

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