Guide to Email Newsletters from ENews Networks

Are you using Email Newsletters to market to your customers? How often should you be reaching out? And what content will catch their eye? Check out this Guide to Email Newsletters from ENews Networks.

Email NewslettersFrequency of email-newsletter outreach is dependent on you and your clients. ENews Networks can help tailor your company’s email newsletter marketing to help you maximize response and avoid “over-mailing”. One of the biggest problems with email newsletters is that the content is often cluttered and unfocused. We encourage our customers to use emails to promote specific topics, no more than 3. Your emails should be more educational than promotional, and they should include a specific call-to-action. A catchy title line is a plus, and your emails must mobile responsive. The percentage of users we’re seeing viewing our emails on a mobile device or tablet far exceed those viewing on their desktop computers.

Keep your customers connected and informed with custom emails from ENews Networks. We’ll create emails for you and your clients, using eye-catching graphics, layouts that feature your products, and mobile responsive platforms. Contact us today to get started.





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