Content Marketing Resolutions for 2018

Now is the time to make the resolutions that will shape your business’ content marketing strategy in the year ahead. Here are five Content Marketing Resolutions for 2018 that should be a part of your business’ commitments.

1. Find the time to go long.Content Marketing

Analyze the data on content marketing influence and authority: content gets more impactful and effective the longer it is. Blog posts over 1,000 words are far more effective than shorter posts. Over 2,000 words, effectiveness leaps up again. Why is this? Long form content may be correlated positively with performance because long form content has the potential to cover a wide range of interrelated topics, thus allowing any singular piece to rank for multiple keyphrases on search engines.

Finding the time to create quality, longer-form content should therefore be on every marketer’s agenda for 2018. The best way to do so is to rebalance your content calendar so that you’re creating content more worthy of people’s attention. Don’t have the time to do so? Hire an expert. Instead of investing your resources on many pieces that are just “okay,” invest those resources in creating more powerful content items. The team at ENews Networks will help you get a far greater return on your investment.

2. Build a proper strategy for your blog.

Your blog is the rug that ties the social media room together. It’s a platform that you fully own, a central hub where you can launch content in any format that you like, and where you can focus your efforts on building a loyal, relevant audience. When your blog does well, your content marketing does well. It gives your content strategy a natural focus and a natural rhythm, it helps to keep you beautifully attuned to your target audience, and it provides you with a regular supply of content that you can choose to amplify on other channels with confidence. No time for blogging? We’re here to help! Fill out our FREE social media review for a full analysis of your digital platforms and advice on how to move forward.

3. Don’t fall for marketing’s fake news problem.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the goldfish attention span myth? It’s the claim that human beings now have an attention span less than that of a goldfish – and that marketers therefore can’t expect their audiences to concentrate for longer than eight seconds. There’s just one problem with this statistic: it’s complete and utter nonsense. There has never been a study comparing human attention spans to that of goldfish. For that matter, there has never been a study showing what the attention span of a goldfish actually is.

The goldfish attention span myth has been misdirecting content marketing strategies for the last two years – and it’s not alone. It’s far too easy for marketers to fall for snake-oil salesmen-type claims that don’t really stand up to scrutiny but can do a lot of damage when they’re allowed to influence marketing strategies. In 2018, do yourself a favor: when you’re presented with a stat, check where that stat comes from and then decide for yourself whether it’s credible or not.

4. Create video like you mean it.

Video can be a superb tool for driving engagement for marketers – but not if your definition of video content starts and ends with an executive in a suit staring at the camera. Challenge yourself to break new ground in your videos in 2018. For starters, why not turn that longer-form content you’re planning into the script for a mini-documentary? We’re here to help!

5. Unlock the amplification potential of your employees.

Employee advocacy is the single most underutilized asset in the whole of content marketing. When you create great content as a marketer, you owe it to yourself to give it the greatest opportunity to reach and influence your audience. That simply has to involve sharing by your own employees.

Not sure how to get started?

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