23 06, 2017

Why your Business Needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

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Overwhelmed trying to track your interactions with prospects and customers? Here's a list of reasons Why your Business Needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. CRMs track client's contact information including name, email, phone number, and other identifying information you deem important to your business. Keeping a log of touchpoints with prospects helps your business grow, simple as that! Store Data Spending time searching through your inbox or call history to track down prospective client's [...]

15 06, 2017

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads with ENews Networks

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Is your company ranking in the top 5 results in Google? Are you on the first page of results for keywords related to your business? Is it possible for small businesses to compete with big stores online? Start today using effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads with ENews Networks. We'll help you develop and expand your brand recognition, build a consistent web presence, and a steady flow of new leads to your website. What are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads? PPC ads [...]

1 06, 2017

ENews Social Media for Businesses

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Are you ready to connect with a wider audience? Want to know the best ways to leverage social media for your small business? If you haven’t used social media to market your products and services, or want to up your game, you'll love working with ENews Social Media for Businesses. We make it easy to get you set up with a direct line to current and prospective clients with our ENews Social Media Connection Plan. [...]

9 05, 2017

Website Design from ENews Networks

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Do you want to attract more new clients? Connect with your customers? Generate more business? ENews Networks specializes in online marketing. Having an online presence is a crucial part of doing business, and your website is often the measure of how your business will grow, develop your brand, and create engagement. Find out more about Website Design from ENews Networks. There are a broad range of creative and technical possibilities available in building modern websites. We know [...]

2 05, 2017

Guide to Email Newsletters from ENews Networks

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Are you using Email Newsletters to market to your customers? How often should you be reaching out? And what content will catch their eye? Check out this Guide to Email Newsletters from ENews Networks. Frequency of email-newsletter outreach is dependent on you and your clients. ENews Networks can help tailor your company's email newsletter marketing to help you maximize response and avoid "over-mailing". One of the biggest problems with email newsletters is that the content is often cluttered and unfocused. We encourage our [...]

25 04, 2017

ENews New Favorite App: Color Scheme Generator

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ENews has a new favorite app: Color Scheme Generator from Coolors. Our ENews CEO Christa Michel is a lot of things: a business owner, web developer, accounting and marketing guru, kick ass kind of power woman. But she is self proclaimed color challenged. She says "I came across this app and love it. For those clients that are wanting to update the colors in the store, website and print materials, this is a great way for [...]