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803, 2017

How to Use Facebook Offers and Discounts

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How to use offers and discounts for your small business
How to use Facebook offers and discounts. Our customers ask us all the time what types of offers, coupons, discounts and deals they should be offering their customers, and how often they should be using them. On the plus side, these tools are a powerful weapon to convert clients, but when used inappropriately, they can make your business unprofitable. Follow this guide to How to Use Offers and Discounts for your Small Business to increase customer loyalty. Fill out our form to learn more.
2401, 2017

Turn Conversations Into Sales With Shopify and Facebook Messenger

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Turn Conversations Into Sales With Shopify and Facebook Messenger
Attention Shopify customers: you can now Turn Conversations Into Sales With Shopify and Facebook Messenger! Chatting with customers in real-time is easy with Facebook Messenger.
703, 2016

14 Factors Contribute to Viral Success, Study Finds

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Getting your content to go viral can provide a huge boost to your business. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way for you to ensure viral success. However, recent findings from BuzzSumo suggest that there are several factors that can contribute to whether or not a post has a good chance of reaching that coveted viral status.
703, 2016

Foursquare Adds Travel Recommendations Feature

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Foursquare Adds Travel Recommendations Feature

Your small business has a new reason to be listed — or a reason for updating your listing — on Foursquare. The social geo-location site has introduced a new feature called Foursquare Trip Tips. It’s a Foursquare and Foursquare user-curated guide for upcoming trips you log into the site.
2312, 2015

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

All of us at ENews Networks want to wish you and your families a Happy Holidays and Thank You for following! We love our clients and strive each year to improve our services so that you can connect with more customers. Happy Holidays and a big Thank you! Christa, Jef, Brenda, Katherine, Kristin and Tiffany.  Not to mention all of our IT support and coding staff!
312, 2015

2016 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

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2016 Marketing ResolutionsI know what you’re thinking: This seems a bit premature to be talking about 2016 New Year's marketing resolutions.  A 2016 article at the start of 2015? It’s not a typo, though, and it’s deliberate.

There are copious 2015 planning articles circulating at the moment — but if you’ve not started planning for 2015 yet, then you are probably too late to do anything big. And “big” is what I’m talking about here. What large-scale tasks do you need to complete in order to take advantage of everything that’s coming your way? For major payoffs in 2016, you need to put extra effort into these areas over the next year:

Data Cleanliness Data Sharing Partnerships Display Closing The Loop

Cleaning Your Data

Clean data sounds simple. It sounds like a hygiene factor that should be assumed. In fact, if you ask the teams that look after your database, I’m sure they’ll tell you the data is already fine. It probably is, for some purposes. But we’re talking about your digital marketing, where requirements can be different. Think about how many data-driven tools and platforms have been introduced in the last year: new Google Shopping requirements, AdWords ad customizers, dynamic content feeds for display ads and emails, and the list goes on. Every day search engines change along with new social site requirements. It takes our Enews Networks Team hours to keep up to speed with all of the online media changes. Your data feeds control your targeting, your ad messaging, and even your bidding. You can manage large portions of your campaigns just by manipulating the content of feeds, and huge amounts of that should be automated straight from your website and database. If you have 100,000 SKUs in your database, it’ll take a lot of work to make sure they all have every field entered correctly. No typos, “pink” instead of “fuchsia,” standardized sizings, for example. These all make a big difference to your discoverability when these terms are being used by platforms to create keyword lists and other targets. On top of your own product data, your existing marketing data can always be cleaner. Have you categorized your remarketing lists based on their traffic source? Can you do search to display retargeting by search intent? Can you do it by social source? Making sure that your tagging is amazing and that your remarketing lists take full advantage of that tagging is a great all-year-resolution. Trust me, this will take a while. By cleaning your product data you’ll be ready to maximize the use of the existing data-driven platforms, and by creating strong data structures and hierarchies you can make the most of your marketing data.

Data Sharing

Once you’ve got all that data, you need a way to share it. Feeds are the obvious first step. Make sure that your ecommerce platform can appropriately output whatever feeds you need. They’ll tell you they can, so put it to the test. The requirements for any digital marketing platform’s feed intake can usually be found in their help files. Check that you can produce a feed that can:
  1. Be uploaded in the right way. It should be possible for the feed to be hosted by you on a secure http server, uploaded by you to the platform’s own ftp, and emailed to an appropriate email address.
  2. Be produced in the right format. This matters, and isn’t as trivial as it seems. A CSV file is a very straight up spread sheet format. Two dimensional, rows and columns with a single entry per cell. But your database might have multiple entries per field. If your product is both black and white, then you might have both colors in your entry for that item.
  3. Be manipulated by an intermediary. Hopefully this was a 2014 add, not a 2015 one, and you already use an intermediary to optimize your data feeds. If your product name is “Modern blomus stainless steel toothbrush holder ” then you might want the version that goes to Google Shopping to move “toothbrush holder” to the front. It’s better for keywords and better for ads.
  4. Be changed without needing more developer time. Requirements change regularly, and if you’re so locked into a platform that you can’t make changes when needed then start rectifying that now, to be ready for 2016.
As well as your feeds, you need to be able to share your website data and your marketing data. You have several options for this, all of which ENews Networks can help you pick the right one. The most basic solution is Google Analytics. Chances are you already have this tracking your site, and at no fee you can track everything coming into your site. The sharing mechanism here is in Google Analytics’ remarketing lists. Set these to put people into lists based on the criteria you already created.


How your information is displayed is very important as that is what new customers create an opinion of you with. All of your social platforms and website data that is displayed need to be saying the same message as what you say in the physical location. Consider that, by 2016, you’ll be treating them all similarly and managing them on the same (or similar) platforms. Make sure that your staff or people like ENews Networks are considering all of your digital platforms and making use of all of them and creating a way to work as a team.

Closing The Loop

Attribution is still as difficult as it was when we started talking about it. It’s rarely done well — in most cases it can’t be done well — and there isn’t much on the horizon promising to make it better or easy to do. If we stop thinking about trying to solve the problem, and start thinking about improving our current position, we break away from trying to say, “This is what’s really happening,” because we can’t get that right. Instead, we want to say, “This is what I know now that I didn’t before,” and we’ve closed the loop a little bit better. Trying a Facebook Deal or retarget ad  and reviewing it's stats after is completed and learn from it. Making notes for the next event or sale you have so that you can tweak your ad as you progress.

Everything Else

Obviously, this list is entirely made up of things that can be done now. For the advertisers at the absolute forefront, this was a 2014 list. But almost nobody does all of these well, and they all take a long time to set up. It’s too late to get these all implemented in time to be at the forefront in 2015, but you have twelve months and a strategy so that you can be there by 2016. Call us for any advice and help with creating a marketing plan for 2016.