How to attract millennials to your brand

Do you attract millennials? Here is how to attract them.

It should not surprise you that millennials desire experience (the new, the unique, the exciting) above things. But what does this mean for your product? The answer: build compelling experiences into your brand. Here are three tips to infuse your brand with adventure and excitement, so millennials are more likely to support your company. Follow this how to Attract Millennials to your Brand. Millennials

1. Build adventure

Build a "event strategy" to appeal to millennials' need to spontaneous adventures, and the desire to show off their experiences in front of their peers. Looking for ideas? Branded VIP parties, and invitation-only sneak peek events. Taco Bell recently employed this strategy to launch its new breakfast menu, giving pre-paid phones to a group of 1,000 millennials across the nation. These people were asked to participate in secret missions via social media, which resulted in over 16,000 tweets in only 10 days.

2. Customize your strategy

Adventure doesn't have to be all exclusive events and VIP parties, sometimes it can be as simple as offering fun, customized surprises. Who's doing this well? Birchbox ships customized packages full of beauty products matching customers' interests with personalized, surprise deliveries.

3. Offer experience.

Millennials often have overwhelming student debt. When facing the competitive job market, they're always looking for new ways to get experience. Give them a chance to build their resume and contribute to your brand by building an ambassador program, research group, or internship program. You'll end up with a product more tailored to their needs and a young brand advocate, and they'll get to pad their resume. Looking for other marketing ideas? The Team at ENews Networks specializes in social media management and employs a variety of marketing strategies aimed at all generations. We can help advise you and help market your brand. Contact us today for more information, or for a free social media review.